POSY Avocado Butter Bar - 120gm

POSY Avocado Butter Bar - 120gm

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POSY cold process soaps are enriched with natural & organic oils and butters, and contain no chemicals, detergents, artificial colours or fragrances. Each soap produces a lovely lather that is gentle for all skin types. Soaps are cured for 6 weeks to ensure a hard bar that doesn't go soft in the shower. Using no plastic bottles or packaging, soap bars are an eco-friendly alternative to using body washes. ​​

✔ 100% Natural 
✔ Safe & Non-toxic
✔ Cruelty-free
✔ Biodegradable
✔ Preservative-free 
✔ Plastic-free
✔ Eco-friendly

✗ BHA & BHT (preservative)
✗ Artificial colour/dye
✗ DEA (foaming agent)
✗ Phthalates (DBP)
✗ Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
✗ Parabens (preservative)
✗ Parfum/Synthetic Fragrance
✗ PEGs (propylene glycol)
✗ Petroleum
✗ Silicone
✗ SLS/SLES (synthetic sulfate detergents)
✗ Triclosan (preservative)

Ingredients:  filtered water, organic coconut oil, organic palm oil, avocado butter, extra virgin olive oil, *lye, sweet almond oil, organic avocado puree, organic castor oil, essential oil blend of lime, orange, rosemary, basil and benzoin, organic wheat grass, spinach powder, annatto seed powder, sodium lactate. 
*Lye is essential in the saponification process that produces soap.  No lye is left in the finished product.


  • Avocado butter is antioxidant and vitamin rich which helps to reduce the free radicals that age our skin and cause fine lines and age spots, while also helping sooth dry itchy skin
  • Coconut oil and Avocado butter contain a natural SPF that helps protect skin from the damaging effects of the sun 
  • Citrus and Herbal essential oils combine to give this soap an uplifting and refreshing