POSY Laundry & Stain-Remover Bar Soap 120gram

POSY Laundry & Stain-Remover Bar Soap 120gram

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Coconut, Palm & Sunflower oils make this laundry bar stain stick eco-friendly and safe for your skin.

Eliminates pesky stains when you pretreat the spot before laundering.

Can be shredded in the electric food processor and mixed with equal amounts washing powder, borax and baking soda to make a laundry  boost cleaning powder.

It is perfect for hand washing or laundering on the go and when travelling.

Borax is a natural mineral that enhances the stain removing power of this bar.

POSY cold process soaps are enriched with natural & organic oils and butters, and contain no chemicals, detergents, artificial colours or fragrances.

✔ 100% Natural 
✔ Safe & Non-toxic
✔ Cruelty-free
✔ Biodegradable
✔ Preservative-free 
✔ Plastic-free
✔ Eco-friendly

✗ BHA & BHT (preservative)
✗ Artificial colour/dye
✗ DEA (foaming agent)
✗ Phthalates (DBP)
✗ Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives
✗ Parabens (preservative)
✗ Parfum / Synthetic Fragrance
✗ PEGs (propylene glycol)
✗ Petroleum
✗ Silicone
✗ Triclosan (preservative)